This is a personal journal which I made public on 4 December 2009 as a sort of thought experiment.

It’s a partly decadent, partly utilitarian collection of dreams and suggestions of dreams. It has no particular authority and no post is compulsory.  Begin anywhere.

I write about the title of this blog in the post entitled New glasses, new blog, new title.

Here is a quote that illustrates the relationship of the author to the blog, and for that matter, the tides to the moon:

The Fonz: You’re dreaming about a girl you’ve never met?
Richie Cunningham: Come on, Fonz, haven’t you ever dreamed?
The Fonz: Hey I’m not the dreamer! I’m the dreamee!

From Internet Movie Database, Copyright © 1990-2010 IMDb.com, Inc.

The Prepared Piano

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